Ten Reasons to Consider Christianity      


Did all of creation create itself?  Is there a God?  Do I have a soul?  Is there life after death?  Is there a true purpose and meaning to life?

Sadly, when people are seeking answers to life’s big questions, the last people they want to listen to are Christians.  Today, many people view Christians as being fanatical narrow-minded nut cases that are anti-gay hypocrites who are ignorant of science.  Unfortunately, due to our ungracious words and actions, we Christians frequently fail to be worthy ambassadors of the GOOD NEWS OF CHRISTIANITY.  Throughout history, many people have been hurt by Christians who have not reflected the gracious teachings of Jesus Christ to whom we follow – and for that we must deeply apologize. However, if you reject Christianity on the basis of the ungracious things done and said by religious people, you have judged Christianity and God unfairly. 
I do understand why many people dismiss Christianity; they are disillusioned (and often disgusted) by the atrocities done in the name of religion.  Furthermore, they believe the theories in science have now disproved God.  As to Christianity being unscientific, you may be surprised how many modern scientific thinkers are Christians. As science progresses and discovers how complex everything is in creation, more and more analytical thinkers are rejecting unproven theories of evolution and are considering that there is a Creator behind the complexities in creation.
10 Reasons to consider Christianity are simple illustrations to give Biblical answers to life’s big questions.  We hope they get you thinking and start you on an incredible journey.


Thank you to Ian and Sue Coate for post and illustrations