Anchored in God! The Light of Hope


Within this book, we will explore unique gifts, both natural and spiritual, and how they determine where we fit in the Body of Christ. We will also master the aspects of our unique personality and look at behavior analysis from a biblical perspective. We will take a hard look at the character flaws and sins in our lives that are potentially blocking the effective use of our God-given gifts. I am going to be transparent about my personal struggle with faith and overcoming my addiction to pornography.




I will primarily address identifying our spiritual gifts and purpose, and the steps of growing in spiritual maturity to Magnify God. However, I also address the areas that might be blocking us from using our gifts -struggles with relationships or parenting or even worse addictions like pornography-because until we are released from these strongholds, we cannot use our gifts effectively! We must learn to release to receive 


I designed this book to:

  • Learn how to raise children in a Christ-centered way.
  • Learn Biblical Behavior Techniques
  • Learn about distinct personalities and how each type can affect our daily interactions with others. 
  • Learn about how pornography is invading the church and the need for spiritual intervention and spiritual warfare.

When we combine behavioral, spiritual, and each person's unique personality; we are better able to engage in positive interactions and with less confrontation. We will be able to ultimately live a true Christ-centered life and serve God in the way in which He created us.

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