Judgment! The Innocent Suffering 2nd edition


Judgment opens up with the protagonist, John Williams, seemingly trapped in a cold, metal prison. He calls out in fear, “Where am I?” But his words fall into thin air. That’s when he sees two simple words written on the wall: the fall. Why is he in this prison? What happened to him? What does “the fall” mean?  


John’s conflict is apparent right from the start. He is a Christian and a Believer, but the circumstances of his life have caused him to reject his faith and God.  Was this the end of John’s life? Was he having a vision when he passed out after running on the treadmill or did he actually die? If he lived, would John turn his life around and accept Jesus?


The book is well written and interesting to read. It covers some heavy topics — child abuse, abortion, war — giving the reader an opportunity to ponder their own stance on these issues. Christian Fiction readers will appreciate the unique way in which the story of Judgment is told.

  • Beta Reader: Kate Tant


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