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Judgment: The Suffering Innocent 2nd Edition is a Christian thriller by Ronald A Fahrenholz II. John Williams enters a period during and after the Christian rapture. Unsure about the demands of the new world, and scared about his prospects, John takes “the mark of the beast” and upon his death awaits judgment. He is sectioned to the left of God, a sign that he has not been chosen to join God in Heaven, and fears terrible repercussions for the way he lived his life on earth, but God surprises John by granting him the chance to see the troubled lives of seven people whose circumstances were far worse than his own.

Judgment is written from a Christian standpoint, with scriptures sprinkled throughout the book. Ronald A Fahrenholz II has created a situation where God’s grace and mercy can be seen together with sad and tragic events. Grim and raw emotion sweeps through the story as Fahrenholz gives his readers a glimpse of what Judgment Day could be like for any of us.

John’s story isn’t the only one that will draw in readers, as the book presents the sins of many people, and the effects it has on the innocent lives around them. John is given a chance to look through the eyes of seven individuals, and the stories of abortion, abuse, slavery, martyrdom, and injustice bring a new perspective to the way readers may perceive their hardships. This is a great book that could be used to lead people to accept God in their lives and may even serve as a mirror for individuals who wonder about the price of rejecting God.

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Final Conclusion: What do you think happened to John?

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Final Conclusion: What do you think happened to John?

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Find out what really happened to John and what lessons did he learnd from the seven season judgment.

As John's relentless pursuit of justice continues, his heart remains burdened by the memories of his beloved wife Winifred and baby daughter Anita. The pain of their absence fuels his determination, but the question lingers - is it too late to reunite with them? Will fate grant him the chance to find solace in their warm embrace once again?

As the story unfolds, the abused and abusers in John's tumultuous journey come face to face with their own demons. Some find redemption, seeking to atone for their past sins and seeking forgiveness. Others, entrenched in darkness, must confront the consequences of their malevolence. Each character will be judged, for the scales of divine justice spare none.

In the climactic moments of "Judgment: An Eye for an Eye," the hand of God casts its mighty verdict. The weight of their actions, their choices, and their beliefs will determine their ultimate fate. In the face of divine judgment, all shall confess that Christ is Lord, acknowledging the transcendence of a higher power.

Prepare to be enthralled by the poignant revelations of this captivating tale, where hope battles despair and the quest for redemption intertwines with the pursuit of vengeance. As the truth unravels and destinies intertwine, "Judgment: An Eye for an Eye" promises to be an unputdownable exploration of the human soul's capacity for both darkness and light. Stay tuned...


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I've been committed to God and His ways for years. This book takes you through God's love and patience for humankind until physical death. It details how horrible it would be to fall into the hands of an angry God. After all, Scripture declares that God is love, yet He is a consuming fire.

This book is for you if you're struggling in your personal life and feel like you can't continue with your Christian faith anymore. This book brings to life the scriptures from the book of Revelations and other prophecies of end-time events. These events are captured in vivid stories—mostly from the viewpoint of the characters—as a hybrid apologetic approach.

You will be able to identify with one or more of these characters and their struggles before, during, and after the tribulation. Is it possible that good people could be left behind and bad people could still be raptured? Is it still possible to be an overcomer and receive eternal life—even for those left behind?


The story of John Williams is a fantastical example of what it could be like for the wicked at the Great White Throne. John’s unique Judgment involves learning about true suffering and true love by experiencing the lives of seven different characters in seven different heart- wrenching seasons.

In "Eternal Choices: They Loved the Darkness”, author confronts the difficult truth about the consequences of the choices we make in life. Through his exploration of biblical truth and the real-life experiences of individuals who have rejected the light of Christ, the author provides readers with a powerful reminder of the importance of choosing a life of faith.

With an engaging and accessible writing style, the author invites readers to examine their own hearts and confront the darkness within. He explores the dangers of loving the darkness and the eternal consequences of turning away from the light.

"Eternal Choices: They Loved the Darkness" is a challenging and thought-provoking read for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith. With a message of hope and redemption, this book is a timely reminder of the trans-formative power of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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