When You Should Pray

Published on 26 July 2023 at 11:46

Poem by Ronald A Fahrenholz II

Pray when you're happy, or pray when you're sad; pray when you're joyful, or pray when you're mad. Pray when you're hungry or dying of thirst, but when you are praying, ensure Jesus comes first.


Pray when you're lonely, or pray not to be prideful; pray to be humble and ever so mindful. Pray for your family, or pray for your friend; your prayer might even be for world hunger to end.


Pray for more courage or pray for more pay; it really doesn't matter, as long as you pray. Pray for the people whoever you meet; the homeless and vets who live on the street.


Pray for the sales clerk just doing their job; pray for their safety that they might not be robbed. You can pray in the morning or pray at night, but constantly praying wins the spiritual fight.


Pray for the hospitals, the sick, and the dying; pray for those in a waiting room uncontrollably crying. Pray for the mommy who just gave birth, pray for anyone struggling on Earth.


Pray for those who suffered from ALS, Cancer, and other reasons, for they are with God, and He shortened their seasons. Pray for the doctors that treat those that are ill, and pray that the pharmacist gives you the right pill.


Pray for the nurses dedicating their lives; pray for the surgeon to be skilled with a knife. Pray for the safety of children at play; pray that a pet is never left as a stray.


Pray for the soldiers who are risking their lives, and if they should die, pray for their wives. Pray for the officer alone in the street, and the risk of being shot by anyone that he meets.


Pray for the fireman who runs into danger, offering his life for that of a stranger. Pray for the fatherless child to learn to play and not forced to grow up before his day.


Pray that the child learns from math and science and not from the street of hatred and violence. Pray for the child, no matter how small, that they grow like flowers, healthy and tall.


Pray for the wealthy who have more than they need, and pray their hearts soften, and they surrender their greed. Pray for the student pressured by tests; not to be concerned about passing but doing their best.


Pray for the gambler that he may not sin, realizing that life is a game he can't win. Pray for the thief who breaks in to steal; and pray for remorse if he accidentally kills.


Pray for the addict who thinks he can't make it, and pray he has the strength to kick the habit and break it. Pray for those judged by the color of their skin, because a World with racism will destroy itself in the end.


Pray for the fetus that it might have life and not quickly be ended by the blade of a knife. Pray for the government who makes laws bolder, but remember the government rests on the Lord's shoulder.


Pray for your sister, pray for your brother, and for God's sake, pray for your dad and your mother. Anytime or anywhere is a good prayer to start, but don't pray with your mind; pray from your heart.


Pray for your enemy as we are instructed to do, and if he asks for a dollar, pray giving him two. Pray to understand the Spiritual war, for those doing well with little will receive a little bit more.


Share about the Disciples and what they had said, because light is no good if hidden under your bed. Pray for your church and pray for your pastor; you can pray slower or you can pray faster.


Pray for your team that they may win, but don't gamble on that because gambling is a sin. Pray for Revival that it spreads worldwide, to those that were hidden and can no longer hide.


Pray for those bullied that they may be brave, and pray for those loved ones who sleep in the grave. Pray that God provides you with seed, to grow his Harvest and meet his need.


Pray for the Sun that daily it rises, and when nighttime comes, pray by closing your eyes.


You can pray while you're standing or kneeling on the ground; pray when it's loud or if there's no sound. Because God is love, it doesn't matter what you say; the only important thing is that you pray, pray, pray.


-Ronald A Fahrenholz II        anchoredingod.org

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