Finding Common Ground: A Christ-Centered Perspective on the Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate

Published on 27 June 2023 at 13:41

In today's world, the divisive issue of abortion often sparks intense emotions and deep disagreements between those who identify as pro-life and those who identify as pro-choice. However, as followers of Christ, we are called to embody love, compassion, and empathy, even in the midst of disagreement. By listening to one another and seeking to understand each other's perspectives, we can foster a spirit of unity and compassion. Let us explore the pro-life and pro-choice viewpoints through the lens of Christ's teachings, with an aim to find common ground and promote understanding.


Message to the Pro Life Person:


As individuals who hold a pro-life stance, it is crucial for us to shift from talking and yelling to listening. By momentarily silencing our voices and opening our ears, we can gain valuable insights into the perspectives of those who support pro-choice. Understanding their fears and concerns is essential. For many pro-choice advocates, it is not merely the idea of a child's life being lost that drives their viewpoint, but rather the fear of making the wrong decision and having their own lives restricted.


It is important to acknowledge that unexpected pregnancies can bring immense challenges and stress. For some women, raising a child under such circumstances may seem unbearable or even lead to severe mental health issues. While adoption may appear to be a viable solution, it too comes with its own set of emotional consequences. We must recognize the complexities and uncertainties faced by individuals who contemplate abortion and offer them empathy, support, and love, even if their choices differ from our own.


Message to the Pro Choice Person:


To our fellow pro-choice advocates, it is essential to recognize that those who identify as pro-life are not necessarily against choice altogether. In fact, giving birth is also a choice. They simply struggle to understand how one could choose to terminate a life. Many pro-life individuals have undergone experiences similar to our own, perhaps even wavering until the last moment. It is possible that someone extended love, empathy, and support to them during their time of need, influencing their decision to choose life.


These individuals, having experienced the joy and fulfillment of raising their children, cannot help but feel a profound loss at the thought of others choosing abortion. Their intentions stem from a desire to prevent others from enduring the pain they themselves once faced. Some pro-life supporters may have even undergone abortions in the past, struggling to forgive themselves for the lives they might have had. They wish to spare others from experiencing the same regret and encourage a change of heart, informed by their own experiences.


The Need to Finding Common Ground:


Regardless of our differing perspectives, it is essential to view one another with God's eyes, His heart, and His compassion. We must not label pro-choice supporters as heartless murderers, but rather as individuals facing their own struggles and suffering. Let us remember that God often sends angels disguised as fellow human beings to support us on our journeys. These angels can provide guidance, companionship, and assistance in considering alternative solutions.


Ultimately, the choice lies with each individual, and our role is to listen, support, and love unconditionally. We must not forget that God Himself faced a difficult choice when He allowed His Son to be sacrificed for the redemption of humanity. Just as pro-life supporters yearn for understanding, pro-choice advocates should also be open to listening and engaging in meaningful dialogue. By relinquishing the urge to shout over one another, we can create an environment of mutual respect and shared understanding.




In a world filled with increasing division, it is our duty as followers of Christ to embody love, compassion, and empathy, even in the face of profound disagreements. By listening to one another with open hearts and minds, we can find common ground and bridge the gap that separates us. Let us strive to approach the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate with Christ's teachings as our guide, remembering that God's love extends to all. Through love, understanding, and shared empathy, we can foster a more compassionate society that respects the dignity and worth of every human life.


-Ronald A Fahrenholz II                       

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