The Shut Door: A Call to Seek True Relationship with Christ

Published on 23 June 2023 at 16:07

The story of Noah and the Ark serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of rejecting God's invitation to enter into a relationship with Him. While often focused on the judgment aspect, it is crucial to acknowledge that there were likely Christians outside the Ark who had the opportunity to enter but chose not to. I aim to shed light on the importance of actively seeking a genuine connection with Christ, rather than becoming complacent in religious practices and group affiliations. Just as the door to the Ark was closed in Noah's time, we are urged to examine our hearts and strive to be among those who remain in fellowship with God when the door of opportunity closes.


The Choice to Enter or Reject:

Noah warned the people of impending judgment, offering them the chance to enter the safety of the Ark. Similarly, Christ extends an invitation to all individuals, believers and non-believers alike, to come into a relationship with Him. However, many choose to follow their own religious beliefs, assuming their righteousness will secure their eternal salvation. The critical question is whether we will accept or reject the invitation presented to us.


The Danger of Lukewarm Faith:

One of Satan's greatest deceptions is to foster contentment with religious rituals and group membership, without genuine surrender of our will to Christ. Lukewarm Christians may engage in regular church attendance, fasting, and prayer, yet their hearts remain distant from Christ. Jesus warned against this lukewarmness, emphasizing the need for wholehearted devotion to Him.


The Closing of the Door:

In Noah's time, it was only when God closed the door to the Ark that the opportunity for salvation ceased. Similarly, there will come a point when God will close the doors of opportunity, signifying the end of probation. This closure will affect not only unbelievers but also those who claim to follow Christ without fully surrendering their lives to Him. The shutting of the door serves as a wake-up call for lukewarm Christians who have neglected the pursuit of an intimate relationship with Christ.


The Sorting of the Fish:

Using the analogy of casting a net, God gathers people of all kinds into His kingdom. However, the sorting process will separate the just from the unjust, the righteous from the unrighteous, and the holy from the unholy. This emphasizes the importance of genuine transformation and true devotion to Christ, as mere external appearances or religious practices will not suffice.



As the end times draw near, it is crucial for Christians to recognize the urgency of seeking an authentic relationship with Christ. We must not fall into the trap of complacency, assuming that religious practices or group affiliations guarantee our salvation. Instead, we are called to examine our hearts and actively pursue a deep and personal connection with Christ. Let us heed the warning of the shut door and ensure that our faith is genuine, wholehearted, and centered on Christ, for He is the only way to eternal life.


-Ronald A Fahrenholz  II 

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