The Great Tribulation: Four Brothers and Their Journey Toward Eternal Life.

Published on 20 June 2023 at 15:12

Title: The Great Tribulation: Four Brothers and Their Journey Towards Eternal Life


Imagine a scenario where you and three brothers are alive when the rapture occurs, signaling the beginning of the Great Tribulation. In this captivating tale, two brothers are followers of Christ, while the other two have yet to embrace the faith. As we embark on their journey through the turbulent times of the Great Tribulation, we will witness how their choices and beliefs shape their ultimate destinies in the realm of eternal life.

The Rapture and the First Brother: First Fruit

As the first four seals are opened, and the Cry of Martyr Saints reaches God's ears, the devout first brother, having been regenerated and redeemed by the blood of Christ, is chosen as one of the first fruits of the harvest. He is raptured before the tribulation begins, experiencing the extraordinary promise of the blessed hope.

The Warning and the Eternal Gospel: 6th Seal

With the breaking of the sixth seal, the earth quakes and celestial phenomena darken the skies. An angel appears to those who remain, declaring that the gospel of salvation preached by pastors is no longer available. Instead, a new eternal gospel is proclaimed by the angel, urging humanity to fear the Lord and avoid taking the mark of the beast.

The Great Tribulation and 7th Seal and first 4 Trumpets: Remaining Brothers

The other three brothers must endure the challenging trials of the Great Tribulation, which commences with the seventh seal and the sounding of seven trumpets. The first four trumpet judgments, reminiscent of the events of the sixth seal, inflict severe hardships on humanity, making life on earth nearly impossible. One-third of earth's resources and heavens will be destroyed.

The Fifth Trumpet and the Unsealed Brothers: 1st Woe

During the latter half of the three-and-a-half-year Great Tribulation, the fifth trumpet unleashes locust-like creatures that sting those who are not sealed by God. While one brother may find refuge in God's seal, the other two unbelieving brothers, unfortunately, remain vulnerable and face the torment of the tribulation. This is the first woe, with two more woes yet to come.

The Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast:

As the antichrist reveals himself, he persecutes the living believers and compels all to receive the mark of the beast. If the believing brother succumbs to this pressure and accepts the mark, he will be denied eternal life, ultimately facing the lake of fire. However, if he remains faithful until death or until the harvest reaping, he will go directly to the throne of God.

Sheep and Goats:

If an unbelieving brother chooses to assist the persecuted Christians during this trying time, he will be judged as a sheep and rewarded accordingly. However, failing to offer aid will lead to judgment as a goat, resulting in condemnation to the lake of fire alongside others who share the same fate.

The Sixth Trumpet and the Battle of Armageddon: 2nd Woe

As the sixth trumpet sounds, a vast cavalry of 200 million men emerges, causing widespread devastation, killing 1/3 of people and eventually joining the battle of Armageddon. This catastrophic event signifies the culmination of the second woe.

The Seventh Trumpet and the Seven Bowls: 3rd Woe

The seventh trumpet, marking the third woe, signifies the completion of the warnings and ushers in a period of intensified events. This phase includes the pouring of seven bowls, which bring both blessings and curses.

Harvest and Wine Press:

At this stage, all individuals will have undergone either the harvest, where believers are gathered and raptured, or the wine press, where unbelievers face judgment. In our narrative, one brother is raptured, while another tragically succumbs to the onslaught of the 200 million army.

The Judgment Seat and the Millennial Reign:

Following these events, Christ resurrects all saints, both the living and the dead, to meet in the air. At the Judgment Seat, rewards are bestowed, and further discipline is imparted. The Jewish people assume priestly roles, and believers become co-kings with Christ. Unbelievers who aided the persecuted brother are granted citizenship, experiencing an extended lifespan but eventual mortality, unlike the immortality bestowed upon the saints, because they will be restored and not regenerated. Restored to the original lifespan of Adam.

The Defeat of Evil and the New Jerusalem:

Christ gathers his army, defeating Satan, the antichrist, false prophets, and their followers. Subsequently, the people of spiritual Jerusalem unite, and the seven bowls are poured upon those who received the mark. The cleansing fire purifies the earth, leaving nothing and nobody behind.

The Return and the Great White Throne:

Jesus returns to the earth and establishes the Kingdom of the New Jerusalem, where he reigns for 1,000 years. After this period, Satan is briefly released to deceive the world before the final judgment occurs. At the Great White Throne, the remaining dead face God for judgment, acknowledging Jesus as Lord and accepting the just and fair consequences of their choices.

Eternal Life and Beyond:

Those found to be God's children, having embraced the truth, are welcomed into eternal life, sharing an everlasting bond with Him and receiving their heavenly abodes—a testament to their faith and obedience throughout the remarkable journey of the Great Tribulation.


Ronald A Fahrenholz II

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