Anticipating the Divine Union: A Glimpse into End-Time Symbolism

Published on 20 June 2023 at 14:17

Title: Anticipating the Divine Union: A Glimpse into End-Time Symbolism


In the realm of biblical prophecy, intricate symbols and metaphors reveal profound truths about the future events that await us. One such symbolic narrative is that of the bridegroom and the bride, depicting the relationship between Christ and His Church. In this blog post, we will explore the eschatological symbolism surrounding the bride and groom, highlighting the anticipation of the wedding and the ultimate deliverance from impending wrath.

The Preparation:

The imagery of a wedding ceremony begins with the cup passed to the bride, signifying her authority to accept or reject the proposal. As the groom departs to prepare a place for his bride, the focus shifts to the bride's responsibility to ready herself for the wedding. The Father, the only one privy to the progress of both the groom and the bride, holds the knowledge of when the wedding will occur. Therefore, it is essential for the bride to remain vigilant and well-prepared.

The Midnight Hour:

In this symbolic narrative, the groom's return is compared to a thief in the night, occurring unexpectedly and swiftly. The bride and her bridesmaids are encouraged to stay dressed in their gowns, symbolizing their readiness and anticipation. Jesus, in His parable of the ten virgins, warns believers against losing faith during the waiting period, underscoring the need to remain vigilant and prepared for His return.

The Trumpet Call:

When the Father allows the groom to retrieve his bride, the joyous occasion is announced by the blast of trumpets. However, only those who are prepared have the privilege of attending the wedding. Sadly, many will have missed this extraordinary event due to their lack of readiness, having fallen asleep spiritually.

The Divine Union:

On that awaited day, the bride and groom are reunited. Instead of the bride following the groom to the prepared place, she is lifted up in a chair, carried by two men. This act symbolizes her elevation and escort to the place specially prepared for her—a place of honor and unity with her beloved groom.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb:

Notably, Jesus proclaimed that He would not only reunite with His bride, but also save her from the impending wrath set to befall the world. This promise echoes the assurance found in Isaiah 26. While some were unprepared and unable to attend the wedding, the bride and groom celebrate the long-awaited union. Those who were caught unaware face the consequences of their unpreparedness.

A Final Blessing:

The concluding statement, "Let him who bless be blessed and curse be cursed" (Genesis 12), emphasizes the divine principle of reaping what one sows. It serves as a reminder of the choices individuals make and the consequences that follow, underscoring the significance of aligning oneself with God's will.


The symbolism surrounding the bride and groom provides a glimpse into the eschatological events and the anticipation of Christ's return. It highlights the importance of spiritual preparedness, vigilance, and faithfulness in awaiting the divine union. As we navigate these profound biblical metaphors, may we strive to be the vigilant and prepared bride, eagerly anticipating the joyous reunion with our Savior and the deliverance from the imminent wrath.


-Ronald A Fahrenholz II




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